Туркомпания «Портал Сезонов»

When tourists go for a long-awaited trip to the countries where people speak other languages, they often rely on tiny phrasebooks, which represent the most popular phrases and allow travelers to speak unfamiliar dialect.  But you know, there are many foreign words in languages of different countries, especially if it is neighboring country, we understand. For example. we know and understand some Japanese words such as "arigato", "kimono", "sushi," "sake"; we also know some Korean words, such as "kimchi" and "Kuksu", "Taekwondo", "annen-hasee" and "GAMS-hamnida." As for Chinese language, everyone knows such words as "ni hao", "se se", “ren shen”, "wushu", "yin" and "yang." Thus, we can not only learn new words which are useful for our trip, but also learn the culture of other countries.

“Portal Sezonov” company is a tour operator and cooperates closely with such neighboring countries as Japan, China, Korea. Of course, we also have stable cooperation with other companies in different countries. Our company can offer trips to any point of the world. But as we are situated in the Far East we think it is also important to know closely neighboring countries and let their citizens to know Russian culture. Thus, we offer wide range of individual and group tours and excursions both in the territory of Russia and in foreign countries, language courses, summer camps, special programs to visit medical centers to check health.

Remember, one trip is enough to love the country but not enough to know.


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